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Prices & Packages

Flight Prices

Private flights Mr. & Mrs. John Pruitt Taking Off

2 people for $395 per person

3 people for $310 per person

Extended Flight, Up to 1½ Hour or more- $495 each for 2 people

Lake Lanier Crossing - $650 each for 2 people

Single Person flight with Training and your own Pilot Log Book: $750

Shared flights

$295 per person for 2 or more

$350 for 1 person

Standby Shared flights

$250 a person (see details below)

Child Prices

With the purchase of a 2 person flight or more: $50 per child under the age of 16, and less than 100 lbs. in weight

Flight Packages

Wedding Package: $1750
  • Private Wedding Flight for Bride, Groom, and Clergy in decorated basket
  • 2 Etched Champagne Flutes
  • Post-Flight Reception available upon request with:
    • Small Wedding Cake
    • Bottle of Fine Champagne
    • Hors d'oeuvres
  • Wedding Photograph Package
  • Full crew for balloon: you don't have to do anything

Note: Price is for private flight for 3 people, but it can be adjusted for more or less.

Wedding Balloon



Corporate Outing Package: $225/person

Corporate Post-Flight Celebration

Note: Price is for 6 - 12 people. Please call to discuss if you have more than that.

Standby Flight Details: $250 per person (read description below *)

A standby flight is the perfect choice if:

You are flexible about when you take your flight AND

You prefer to fly in either the Cumming or Snellville areas and on the weekend
(as that is where 90% of our flights take place)

* As a standby customer you do not choose a flight date, but rather we will put you on our Standby List and between 1 to 5 days prior to a flight, if we having an opening, we will send out an email or phone our standby customers. Whoever responds that they are interested will fly that flight for $250 per person.  As a Standby Customer you are never under any obligation to fly a particular flight and can change to the Standard Shared Flight or Private Flight at any time.


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Sun Dancer hot air balloon in flight
Sun Dancer in Flight

Balloon News

Hot Air Balloon Kiteboarding

The newest kind of mixed breed isn't a dog, but the combination of hot air ballooning and kiteboarding.

Perrier made a commercial that's really fun to watch! If only all our flights were just ilke this.
Perrier Commercial

You think you want an adventure? Here's a tourist hiring a hot air balloon for flying in the arctic next to icebergs!
Iceberg Flying

Watch actors Gregory Harrison and Brooke Elliott take off in our balloon, originally aired on August 30, 2009 (8th episode "Crazy") on the new hit TV show
Watch video clip from
Drop Dead Diva


To schedule your flight, go to our flight request form or call us at (770) 436 - 9960.

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