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Gift Certificates

Give the gift of an adventure they'll never forget...

At this time Magic Carpet Ride does not offer the normal type of gift certificates where you pre-pay for the flight. However, we do have non-paid gift certificates that you may give as a gift. Once the recipient schedules the flight, we will contact you and you to pay at that time.

Advantages to our non pre-paid gift certificates:

  • No expiration dates to worry about
  • No problems if it gets lost
  • And if your gift receipient never uses your gift, you are not out any money
    (Note: if you want to add an expiration date for your own benefit, that would be fine.)

Below are the certificates you can print to give as gifts. When the receipient of this certificate schedules his/her balloon flight, we will contact you to pay for the flight at that time.

To print a gift certificate, click on the appropriate link below to open the Adobe file.



Gift Certificate Image
Picture of our Gift Certificate

To prepare the certificate properly:

  1. Print page 1
  2. Feed the printed page 1 into the printer to print page 2 on the back. Also rotate it so the text will print the opposite direction of page 1's text.
  3. Then print page 2
  4. After printing, fill out your name and the phone number where we should contact you on the inside lower-right corner in the space provided
  5. Fold in half
  6. Complete front as you want

If you have any questions or problems, email us at Fly@MagicBallooning.com or call 770-436-9960.

Adobe Reader download buttonNOTE: To view and print our gift certificates, you must have Adobe Reader loaded on your computer. If you don't already have it, you can download for free Adobe Reader 9.1 directly from their website.

Sun Dancer hot air balloon in flight
Sun Dancer in Flight

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To schedule your flight, go to our flight request form or call us at (770) 436 - 9960.

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