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Show and Tell Request Form

Please provide for us the the following information.  Someone will contact you to discuss your proposed Show and Tell Experience and if you wish, schedule it at that time.  This information will assist us in contacting you about your balloon experience and will provide us with some necessary information to make your event as successful and safe as possible.  All information is kept strictly confidential and is never released to any other source.  If you are concerned about answering these questions online, you can call us at 770-436-9960 or email us at Fly@MagicBallooning.com with the information.  Thank you for your time. 


Name (required)
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Show and Tell Price


$225 for a one hour Show and Tell


$50/hour for each additional hour

Enter the preferred date for your Show and Tell:  -- mm/dd/yy

What is the address of the event?

What are the hours for the Show and Tell?    

Is there a space to lay out the balloon envelope? (A minimum of 20' - 30')      Yes   No   Not Sure  

What kind of event is it?       

How many people will be included in the Show and Tell?

Additional Comments:

How did you learn about Magic Carpet Ride?   

Please make sure you entered at least one method for contacting you (phone or email).

To schedule your flight, go to our flight request form or call us at (770) 436 - 9960.

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