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Balloon Flight Request Form
This form is not working currently, please either fill in the form and print the page to a PDF or simply copy the info directly into an email. I'm sorry for the extra work.

Please use these links if you want to schedule either a Tether or Show and Tell event.

Please provide for us the the following information.  Someone will contact you to discuss your flight and if you wish, schedule your flight at that time.  This information will assist us in contacting you about your balloon adventure and will provide us with some necessary information to make your flight as successful and safe as possible.  All information is kept strictly confidential and is never released to any other source.  If you are concerned about answering these questions online, you can call us at 770-436-9960 or email us at Fly@MagicBallooning.com with the information.  Thank you for your time. 

Name (required)
Street Address
Address (cont.)
Zip Code
Work Phone
Home Phone
Cell Phone
Please make sure you entered at least one method for contacting you (phone or email).

Flight prices

Private flights


2 people for $395 per person

3 people for $310 per person

Semi-Private / Shared flights

$295 a person for 2 or more people (flights will usually have 3 or 4 passengers).

$350 for a single person on a flight.

Standby shared flights (see here for more details)

$250 a person (You will be offered a flight date and location on 1-2 days notice. 

Do you have a preference between a shared flight or a private flight?    Private Shared  Either is ok with me   Standby shared (no date preference accepted for standby)

Check here for our sunrise/sunset calendar. We meet at about 15-30 minutes before sunrise or about 2 hours and 45 minutes before sunset.

Enter the preferred date for your flight:  -- mm/dd/yy

And your second choice:  -- mm/dd/yy

And your third choice:  -- mm/dd/yy

Do you prefer a sunrise or sunset flight?

In which area(s) would you like to fly?

              other: (please explain)

What is your drink preference for the post-flight celebration? 

List passengers' names below (i.e.: name preferred):

Passenger 1 name: 
Passenger 2 name: 
Passenger 3 name: 
Passenger 4 name: 
Passenger 5 name: 

Passengers weights separated by commas (in pounds, and please be accurate for safety): 

Are any of the passengers under the age of 18?    Yes No
If so, will a parent be present either in the balloon or as part of the balloon chase? Yes No  N/A

Are you redeeming this flight from a certificate? 

Is this for a special occasion?   

Is this a surprise for one or more of the passengers? 

Would you like a gift certificate for this flight?  Yes



Are you interested in one of our packages 

Wedding Package - $1750    (Private flight for couple and clergy)


Corporate Outing Package - $225 per passenger (6 person minimum)


Would you like any additional services provided along with the balloon flight? 
(If yes, check all that apply)

Helium Balloon Bouquet including Mylar balloon - $20

Etched Keepsake Champagne Flutes - $20 each

*Check out our merchandise page for hot air balloon T-shirts, sweatshirts, etc.

Are any family and/or friends coming to watch, help, and/or participate in the balloon chase (other than passengers)?  

If yes, please list their first & last names (as they like to be called) below:

Additional Comments:

How did you find us? 




To schedule your flight, go to our flight request form or call us at (770) 436 - 9960.

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